About Me

I am a civil engineer turned UI/UX designer. I developed a passion for design when studying engineering at the University of Illinois. After a year and a half of working as a structural engineer, I decided to transition into the digital world by pursuing a Masters in Interactive Digital Media at Trinity College Dublin.

Even though my projects in undergrad were not digital, I was able to gain experience in collecting insights to develop user-centered designs. For example, I conducted a traffic study to redesign a campus intersection to increase safety and reduce conflict areas between pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicles.

A 3D mockup of a road with a 90 degree bend. There are green bike lanes on each side of the street, with red sections indicating potential collisions with pedestrians. There is a somewhat triangular pedestrian crosswalk on the bend of the road.

After graduation, I worked at an architecture and engineering firm designing steel and concrete structures for electrical substations. I spoke to clients to understand and prioritize their needs when creating solutions to their infrastructural problems. However, I still felt very disconnected from end-users and unable to express myself as creatively as I had hoped.

When I learned about the UI/UX field, it seemed like the perfect fit for me. I just wrapped up my Master's degree and am now working at Booz Allen Hamilton as a UI/UX designer.

In my free time I like to swim, paint, and travel. I love Marvel movies and bubble tea.