Booz Allen Hamilton

I can't share any visuals or specific details of my work at Booz Allen, but you can find a brief summary of my contributions since I joined the company and project. Additionally, you can explore my case studies or Figma community files to get a glimpse of my creative process and design skills.

The Project

The project I am working on is a large enterprise browser application for windows machines. That’s all I can say!

Design System Management

I am part of my project’s design system team, which is tasked with creating and maintaining the application’s modernized design system. Here are a few of the things we work on:

Agile Release Train (ART) Design

Each designer on our team is assigned to an Agile Release Train (ART). Within my ART, I work on my own design tasks and oversee the work of other designers. Here are my responsibilities as the ART lead designer: